Biological Fingerprint Recognition Time Attendance Machine 2.4inch Support U-Disk

-15% Biological Fingerprint Recognition Time Attendance Machine 2.4inch Support U-Disk


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This is an Security and Effective Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Time Attendance System Employee Time Clock, Support 1000 fingerprint, 1000 password. Perfect for Homes and Offices.

Fingerprint + Password



Online setting, Trouble operation

In the market, some of the attendance machines still need to be set up by computer, and the data exchange is very troublesome.

But our fingerprint attendance i60 does not need to be online, simple and convenient operation!


No software installation

Every change only brings you more convenience!



Auto Generate Report

Do not need to write the report from now on, the operation is easy to consult quickly!


U Disk Upload/Download Report

USB communication/U disk upload/download report, convenient and fast.


Ring the Bell Regularly!

Real-time time alarm bells remind, work rest time carefree!


Product Details are Carefully Crafted!


1.Plastic Button

The button response is sensitive, the touch is comfortable, fashion, simple and clear.


2.Fingerprint Collector

Use no film collector, no matter dry/wet, thick/thin fingerprint, can receive.


3.24" Color Screen

High clear display, visible parameters, easy to operate.


4.Hanging Hole

Adopt the buckle structure, give away 3 screws, install fast  and convenient, stronger!



  Product Specifications:  


Product name: i60 fingerprint attendance machine
Display screen: 2.4inch TFT
Fingerprint Collector: Film free fingerprint head
Fingerprint capacity: 1000

Password capacity: 1000
Record capacity: 80000 times
Fingerprint Connecter: no film fingerprint head
Working temperature: 0℃~50℃
Working voltage: DC5V
Recognition speed: FAR: FRR: Verification Mode: fingerprint, password
Communication Mode: USB-Client,U disk
Language: Simplified/traditional (Chinese, English)
Weight: 0.7KG
Size: 190*120*30mm

Work Mode: off-line




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