Teeth Trainer Alignment

Teeth Trainer Alignment

Developed by the American Dental Research Center of Desa appliances. Is a combination of ergonomic, gathered more correction functions into one, simple and practical.

Orthodontics is a lengthy process, even to the hospital correction also need 3-5 months will slowly see results. Patients must have the patience to wear.



Suitable for:

1.Protruding teeth and mild crowding, unsuitable for dental patients with severe overcrowding?

2.Irregular teeth, sufficient tooth gap.

3.After the wire correction, dental patients rebound

4.After the wire correction, it is used as a dental retainer

5.Bruxism patients




Use Method:

*At the beginning, wear it in shorter time, such as 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes. . . According to your ability to adapt, feeling uncomfortable then  took it down, take a break and then wear again.


Aligner has a strong correction efforts, wearing time not too long, otherwise the teeth will be pain. Adaptation period takes about one week, after fully adapt, coupled with a long time to wear.


- After fully adapt,the braces will became little bit loose.Use 10-14 hours (daytime + sleep time) every day, wear when you are free.During the day wear, to have been biting braces? closed lips consciously.


*Special Note: When just started using you will feel discomfort, nausea, more saliva, tooth pain and other symptoms. It is normal the trainers will fall out when you are sleeping at the night, it takes some time to adapt.


Wash and wear method?

- Soak for 20 minutes with Polident clean sheet, then rinse with clean water and it's ready to wear. Usually pay more attention to health, you can use toothpaste to clean.

- There is a letter A on the trainers.When used,the font up. Small tongue is at the top.


Adhere to wear every day, for a total wearing time requires 12-18 months.Typically there will be a significant improvement in 3-4 months.

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