FREE SOLDIER outdoor sports camping hiking tactical safety and protection Multitool


Name:Rapid self-defense stick

Handel number :2

Hand strap material: Mylon

Accessories: Non-slip handle*1, circle plus pole*1 , foldable sickle*1, bidirectional connectore*1 , offensive tail hammer*1, round-type tail hammer*1


Circle plus pole
Surface treatment, better wear-resistance

Inteenal hidden tools foldable sickle
Right angle can be used to be the sickle , the vertical can use to be harpoon


Anti-slip handle with parachute sling

Special anti-sllip surface with a parachute sling is easy to use, also in cold temperature. hands don't contact with the metal. In critical situations , sling can be used as rescue equipment (length of nylon sling 2.3 m)


Two-way adapter connection [Internal thread]

Two-way connecting pole adapter can be turned into defensive weapons, a lot of different transformation. The possibility of using creative ideas in assembly


Sharp attacking nozzle

The mozzle can be attached on the spade , attach it to one of three tops T-shaped stick, or as hummer tip. Easily break the glass , etc.



Round tip

Can be design with shovel, or as tip of T-shanped sticks


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