CYSINCOS Double Electric Breast Pumps Nipple Suction USB Electric Breast Pump With Baby Milk Bottle Safety Cold Heat Two Bottles

-44% CYSINCOS Double Electric Breast Pumps Nipple Suction USB Electric Breast Pump With Baby Milk Bottle Safety Cold Heat Two Bottles


Product Name:Electric Breast Pump
Power Supply :5V 1A
Package Size:20*9.5*20cm/7.87*3.74*7.87inches
Package Weight:17.64 oz


Most authorities agree that breast milk is the most natural and nutritious food for your baby's development. And the dual breast pump not only accelerate the milk flow and massage the breast,comfortable and efficient.
Electric mode control the flow and strength in the comfortable mode,and the soft silicon cushion directly input the milk to the bottle,the baby and mom can have a more safe and cosy experience.
Give the mom best,is the perfect for the newborn baby.

What are the pros of electric breast pumps?
Require less effort to use than manual pumps
Faster than other methods of expressing milk
More comfortable for you because they offer multiple settings
Offer you more choices, with models including hospital-grade pumps and double breast pumps
Offer you flexibility, as hospital grade pumps can be hired
Electric breast pumps have adjustable features you may find beneficial, including:
Double-pumping function, allowing you to pump both breasts at once
Tailored suction to mimic your baby's sucking patterns
Stimulation/Expression mode are switchable


How to use:
1.Wash hands and breast thoroughly. Keep relax, be seated on chairs with a cushion.
2.Hold your breast, keep breast fit horn cup.Ensure your nipple in center. Choose breast cup according to your breast size.
3.Plug to the power supply. touch power button,breast pump start to work.
4.Touch "+",increase frequency and suction.Touch"-' button, decrease frequency and suction.You can switch breast and massage mode, the massage is displayed as red light,green light appears as breast pump.
5.Touch on/off button to turn off the breast pump after pumping.


Material: PP and solid Silicone
Bottle Capacity: 150ml
Power Supply: USB Power
Power Output: 5.0V, 1A
Item Weight: Approx. 620g / 21.86oz
Size: 20*9.5*20 cm


Package Content:
1 * Host
1 * Trachea
1 * Nipple with lid
1 * USB Cable
1 * Three way pipes
2* Main body of breast pump



Double breast suction design is the perfect time saver for moms.Easy to assemble, use and clean.

The electric breast pump can easily control the suction,adjust the strengh freely,farewell to the breast pain.

Soft warm massage cushion to gently stimulate milk flow,accelerate the gain of milk.


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