Face Recognition Attendance Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine Password RFID

-28% Face Recognition Attendance Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine Password RFID


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This is an Security and Effective RFID Biometric Fingerprint Face Recognition Time Attendance System Employee Time Clock, Support 300 Faces, 300 cards, and 3000 fingerprints. Perfect for Homes and Offices.

Face + Fingerprint + Password +RFID Card

i70 detail 1

Completely solve the ordinary attendance machine punch clock slow trouble.

Ordinary fingerprint machines maybe difficult to identify or check attendance, lead to normal queuing, punch or even late.




Face fingerprint attendance machine,attendance is fast, multiple functions, simple and convenient operation.




  Product Specifications:  


Product name: i70 Face fingerprint attendance machine             Display screen: 2.8inch TFT

Face capacity: 300                                                                        Fingerprint Collector: Film free fingerprint head

Fingerprint capacity: 3000                                                           Recognition speed: ≤0.6s

Card capacity: 300                                                                       False positive: ≤0.0001s

Password capacity: 300                                                                Refusal rete: ≤0.01s

Record capacity: 100000                                                              Authentication method: Face/ Fingerprint/ Password/ RFID Card

Working temperature: 0℃~50℃                                               Communication: TCP / IP / USB / U disk

Working voltage: DC5V                                                               Support language: Multinational language

Weight: 0.7KG                                                                             Size: 190*120*30mm


  Product Features:  





                      2.8inch TFT screen                          1300 thousant pixer camera                   Attendance control                               With bell  


             Facial recognition algorithm                   Fingerprint identification                     Password function                              RFID card function


                     Large capacity                               Automatically generate reports                              USB                                          RS485 / TCP / IP

No Software Installation  

Simple and quick operation, register attendance query all may operate on a machine, can direct export Excel report,clarity. 


Infrared Camera

Use dual cameras, infrared optical system, good photography, identifiable day and light,indoor and outdoor. All identifiable that much,like beard, glasses, mask, makeup natural expression.


Non Membrane Fingerprint Collector

Non membrane fingerprint identification is faster and more accurate. Use non membrane fingerprint collector. Accept dry and wet, coarse and fine finger, use long time.


Automatically Generate Reports  

Automatically generate reports. Support U disk upload and download directly, convenient and quick!  


Humanized Phonetics

In attendance, the success or failure of the corresponding voice prompts, At the same time, the screen also has prompt text. Display name and number!

       Attendance with vioce prompts


  Product Details:  


1.Plastics button. Key sensitive response, feel comfortable, fashion simple and clear.


2. Fingerprint Collector. Use non membrane fingerprint collector, all can accept with dry and wet, coarse and fine finger.


3.With 2.8 inch High Definition Screen. Clear display, can see the parameter, simple and easy.


4. Pedestal support. Use steel material, present 8 screws. More secure installation!


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