22 CM pressure cooker MIni pressure cooker

-47% 22 CM pressure cooker MIni pressure cooker


Technical parameters:
Working pressure: 70 7Kpa
Safety pressure: 98-140Kpa
Relief Pressure: 140-245Kpa

Burst Pressure: 500Kpa

1. Vibration during transportation is inevitable, prior to the delivery of goods each Kaifeng paper or foam leather wrapped handle again, and the vice grip (little ears) Remove the packaging to avoid damage. Such as parents who found the box opened, which is normal.
2. When you open the package, the package is a whole pot handle bar, see light demolition light, down to prevent damage.
3. When installing the handle screw and tighten it to be positive, so as not to slide wire. Efforts to moderate the handle will not break.
4. Since the new pressure cooker, apron is new, if a little bit tight when closed

(Normal case), you can cover a good bit of, open the lid on top of the two palms on balance Gently press down to make the pot gas emissions, so you can easily rotate closed, or in the pot cooking oil can be rubbed point edge. Would not have been used several times above the


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