1400mAh NP-BN1 NP BN1 Camera battery For Sony DSC-W380 W390 DSC-W320 W630 TX5 DSC-W530 DSC-W570 DSC-W650 DSC-W800 DSC-W830



1400mAh NP-BN1 BN1 Camera battery  For Sony DSC-W380 W390 DSC-W320 W630


1. New generic   Rechargeable Li-ion  Battery
2. High energy density, high recycle life, long  life  battery
3. Extra power for your digital video camera /  camcorder
4. High capacity / rechargeable Li-ion battery  with  premium cell
1. Voltage:3.7 V
2. Capacity: 1400 mAh
Replace P/N:
Sony NP-BN1 NPBN1 

Compatible Models:
FOR  SONY: DSC-TX5, DSCTX5, TX5                DSC-TX7, DSCTX7, TX7
DSC-T99DC, DSCT99DC, T99DC              DSC-TX9, DSCTX9, TX9
DSC-W310, DSCW310, W310                D SC-W320, DSCW320, W320
DSC-W330, DSCW330, W330                DSC-W350, DSCW350, W350
DSC-W360, DSCW360, W360                DSC-W380, DSCW380, W380
DSC-W390, DSCW390, W390                DSC-WX5, DSCWX5, WX5
DSC-TX5B, DSCTX5B, TX5B                   DSC-TX5G, DSCTX5G, TX5G
DSC-TX5P, DSCTX5P, TX5P                    DSC-TX5R, DSCTX5R, TX5R
DSC-TX5S, DSCTX5S, TX5S                   DSC-TX7L, DSCTX7L, TX7L
DSC-TX7R, DSCTX7R, TX7R                   DSC-TX7S, DSCTX7S, TX7S
DSC-TX9C, DSCTX9C, TX9C                   DSC-TX9H, DSCTX9H, TX9H
DSC-T99DC, DSCT99DC, T99DC            DSC-W310B, DSCW310B, W310B
DSC-W310P, DSCW310P, W310P         DSC-W310S, DSCW310S, W310S
DSC-W320B, DSCW320B, W320B        DSC-W320P, DSCW320P, W320P
DSC-W320S, DSCW320S, W320S        DSC-W320R, DSCW320R, W320R
DSC-W330B, DSCW330B, W330B        DSC-W330L, DSCW330L, W330L
DSC-W330R, DSCW330R, W330R        DSC-W330S, DSCW330S, W330S
DSC-W350B, DSCW350B, W350B        DSC-W350L, DSCW350L, W350L
DSC-W350P, DSCW350P, W350P         DSC-W350S, DSCW350S, W350S
DSC-W360B, DSCW360B, W360B        DSC-W380B, DSCW380B, W380B
DSC-W380G, DSCW380G, W380G       DSC-W380R, DSCW380R, W380R
DSC-W380S, DSCW380S, W380S        DSC-W390B, DSCW390B, W390B
DSC-W390S, DSCW390S, W390S         DSC-W530, DSC-W570
DSC-TX100V, DSC-T330, DSC-T110
Package include-1
1 x NP-BN1 battery

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