7 Inch Wireless Baby Monitor IR Nigh Vision Portable Wireless 2.4Ghz Wireless Camera

-3% 7 Inch Wireless Baby Monitor IR Nigh Vision Portable Wireless 2.4Ghz Wireless Camera

7 Inch Wireless Baby Monitor IR Nigh Vision Portable Wireless 2.4Ghz Wireless Camera 

1 2.4GHz Wireless 7.0” LCD monitor with remote control
2 380TV lines clear picture display
3 Built-in IR lights for night vision range

5 4-channel available to avoid interference
6 Built-in microphone for audio monitoring
7100m transmission distance without blocks
8 Channel scan and channel skip for multi-camera usage.

Operation Introduction
1 Open the packaging box, take out the receiver, adjust the support post behind the receiver to a proper position, and put the receiver unit stably. Then install the antenna correctly.
2 Power the machine unit: Connect the input terminal of the receiver power adapter to AC 110~220V, other terminal to DC IN socket of the receiver. Slip the power switch to ON position, then the red power LED lights, the receiver starts up.
3 Power on the camera: connect the camera power adapter with camera, and put it on the correct position. Note: metal shield will loss the signal.
4 Channel selection: press the channel selection key, and the LED display will show the number from 1 to 4, the number means the relevant channel. As select the correct frequency channel, the screen will display the relative signal from the camera, also can adjust the frequency channel by the remote control.
5 Cycle frequency initialization: press the channel selection key for 3 seconds, the LED will display the number from 1 to 4 in rurn, and every number will keep 5 seconds, it is fit for more cameras working in the same time. Also can initialize the function by the remote control.
6 Receive more clear video: Trying to adjust antenna direction can get more clear video.
7 Adjust voice volume and video brightness on the relative side knob.
8 Video and audio output: Connect the A/V cable to show the video and audio
9 Video and audio input: press the channel selection key for a while will turn off the wireless receiving function and the LED only displays a red dot, at this condition, can connect the A/V cable with A/V source for monitor using.
9 Earphone hole belong the side of the receiver is used for external earphone.

Basic specification for 7" TFT LCD

Transmission frequency

ISM 2.400MHz ~ 2.485MHz

Modulation Mode


Antenna Type

Camera Omni; Receiver; Directional

transmission distance

Min. 100m transmission distance without blocks

Antenna Port

50ohm SMA

Receiving Sensitivity


Vided output level


Audio Output level


Operating Temperature

-10C ~ +50C / +14 ~ +122F

Storage Temperature

-20C ~ +60C/ -4 ~ +140F

Operating Humidity


Screen Size

7.0 inch

Power Supply

DC12V 1.5A

Dimensions (W*D*H)




Technical specification for wireless camera



Image Sensor

1/3” OmniVision CMOS

TV System


Validity Pixel

PAL: 628×582    NTSC: 510×492

Horizontal Definition


Scan Frequency

PAL/CCIR: 50Hz       NTSC/EIA: 60Hz

Angular Field of View

45° (f=6mm)

Minimum Illumination


Input Power


Output Frequency

2.4GHz (2.414GHz,2.432GHz,2.450GHz,2.468GHz)

Frequency Control

Adapt to MPU and phase locked loop to control frequency exactly, which possesses high stability.

Transmitting Signal

Video & Audio

Open transmission Distance


Infrared Distance






Power Consumption:


Working Temperature:






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